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ALL Services Provided by Horizon Pregnancy Clinic are Free & Confidential

We provide caring and personal support to those in crisis pregnancy situations.

Many factors such as financial issues, educational dreams, family problems, career goals, relationship problems, and just bad timing can cause a pregnancy to become a crisis. We are here to support and serve you during this time in your life. We provide confidential support to those that are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Scroll through our complete list of services below:

Pregnancy Tests are FREE and performed by a licensed RN.

Before making a pregnancy decision it is important to confirm your pregnancy. Here at Horizon we provide free pregnancy testing. One of our medical professionals will read the results and answer any questions you might have.

If you are pregnant you might be eligible for a free ultrasound to:

  • Confirm the viability of your pregnancy
  • Determine how far along your pregnancy is
  • Determine the location of the pregnancy (intrauterine/ectopic)

If you have missed your period, it is time for a free pregnancy test.

Call us, text us or make an appointment online.


FREE Ultrasounds provide an opportunity to assess the size and age of the baby.

Performed by a licensed RN or RDMS.

Free Ultrasound reports are viewed by a medical OB-GYN, results are given usually within 24-48 hours.

Our trained staff and volunteers will educate and share with you all the options available regarding your pregnancy.  Our trained staff and volunteers will walk you through step by step and answer all of your questions.


We provide you abortion information:

At Horizon Pregnancy Clinic, our staff can provide you with the abortion information you are looking for. Are you pregnant and feeling unsure, a little scared? Abortion is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you have questions like What is An Abortion? or What Is The Difference Between The Types of Abortion? we can help you. We can provide you with information about the different methods of abortion. We are here for you. In addition, we can provide you with information about side effects, risks and the information you need to know. We can discuss your pregnancy options. Our staff at Horizon Pregnancy Clinic will provide free, confidential medical services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and a medical consult. Please note that we do not provide abortions.

Have you had a pregnancy test? Horizon Pregnancy Clinic offers free pregnancy testing and free limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm that your pregnancy is viable and is an intrauterine pregnancy. Did you know that 1 out of 5 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage? If there is no heartbeat detected you will not need to make the decision.

Post Abortion Recovery Program

Call us, text us or make an appointment online.

Introducing “Courage” our new Mobile Clinic. With Courage we are able to provide all of our services including:

  • Mobile Ultrasounds
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Options Counseling

Give us a call and schedule an appoint for Courage to visit your location. We exist to support the North Orange County Communities by providing a mobile Crisis Pregnancy alternative. We are fully licensed and staffed with the State of California.

Earn While You Learn Program

Is a Mentor and Mom one-on-one program to learn prenatal, parenting and life skills.  Available to the mom and the father of the unborn child.  Our Moms earn points for attending the weekly classes and redeem these points in the Baby Store that is full of donated items!  Including diapers, new clothes, gift cards, all baby essentials!


We provide Resources and Referrals to our clients in need of housing, a safe shelter, clothing, financial support, doctors, government services.etc.

Reality Check OC

Reality Check is a unique sexual and relationship education program geared towards guiding youth and young adults to live with intention and love with integrity. Through age-appropriate curriculum with medically accurate content, thought-provoking presentations, and engaging stories from positive role models, we empower students to see their value and make healthy choices for their future.

We offer the following presentations:

  • Media & You (5th & 6th) discusses appropriate vs. inappropriate media content and educates on how to safely use all forms of media from the content on the Internet to cell phones to TV shows, movies and video games.
  • Sex & Your Future explores future goals, the impact of sex on one’s future, emotional side of sex, the difference between safe vs. protected sex, unintended pregnancy, and the benefits of choosing to wait.
  • Sex & Your Health educates on the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), prevention, and the benefits of pacing relationships.

Sex & the Media takes a look at how media affects perception of self-worth, body image, identity, views on sex, and relationship, as well as the importance & impact of what one sees and one hears.

Healthy Dating & Relationships discusses healthy communication, love vs. infatuation, what healthy boundaries are, how to establish them, signs of abuse, and four core components of a healthy relationship.

Parents Matter Most provides parents with the tools and insight on HOW to have the sex talk with their child; as well as information on the most popular social sites and additional resources on how to best support their child in making healthy life choices.

For more information on booking Reality Check for your location, or even how to get connected in becoming a RC Volunteer Speaker, please contact us at or call 714-897-7500.