Free and Confidential Medical Services: Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound, Options
Counseling and Resources Referrals

Horizon Pregnancy Clinic was established in 2005. All our medical services are provided for FREE by licensed medical professionals under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician. We provide medically accurate information to women about their pregnancy and other related reproductive health issues. We provide limited obstetric ultrasounds to confirm a viable pregnancy. We help women get prenatal care early, 

which is vital for healthy pregnancies. Before making such a critical decision about their health, women feel better 

knowing they did their research. One example of client feedback:


“I felt so relieved after visiting your center and hearing about all my choices. I felt like I had all the information I 
needed to make a good decision. I felt like I was not alone in this decision.” 


After visiting our center, women know that whatever decision they make, they are welcome to come back to our center.

 Our support and care for them is unconditional.


Horizon Pregnancy Clinic is licensed by the California Department of Public Health and follows 

all the laws and regulations according to the licensure requirements.