We provide caring and personal support to those in crisis pregnancy situations.

From before the baby with pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, to after birth with classes, resources, and products, we provide a multitude of services and for free with love.

horizon pregnancy clinic pregnancy test

free pregnancy tests

Our testing is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and performed by a licensed RN.

Before making a decision about your pregnancy decision it is important to confirm your pregnancy. Here at Horizon we provide free medical grade pregnancy testing. One of our medical professionals will read the results and answer any questions you might have.

If you are pregnant you might be eligible for a free ultrasound to:

    • Confirm the viability of your pregnancy
    • Determine how far along you are in your pregnancy
    • Determine the location of the embryo (intrauterine/ectopic)

    If you have missed your period, contact our pregnancy center to schedule your free and confidential pregnancy test.

    Call ustext us or make an appointment online.