We provide caring and personal support to those in crisis pregnancy situations.

From before the baby with pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, to after birth with classes, resources, and products, we provide a multitude of services and for free with love.

Sexual Integrity Education

Great 2 Wait

Great 2 Wait is a unique sexual and relationship education program geared towards guiding youth and young adults to live with intention and love with integrity. Through age-appropriate curriculum with medically accurate content, thought-provoking presentations, and engaging stories from positive role models, we empower students to see their value and make healthy choices for their future.

We offer the following presentations:

    • Media & You (5th & 6th) discusses appropriate vs. inappropriate media content and educates on how to safely use all forms of media from the content on the Internet to cell phones to TV shows, movies and video games.
    • Sex & Your Future explores future goals, the impact of sex on one’s future, emotional side of sex, the difference between safe vs. protected sex, unintended pregnancy, and the benefits of choosing to wait.
    • Sex & Your Health educates on the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), prevention, and the benefits of pacing relationships.
    • Sex & the Media takes a look at how media affects perception of self-worth, body image, identity, views on sex, and relationship, as well as the importance & impact of what one sees and one hears.


    Healthy Dating & Relationships discusses healthy communication, love vs. infatuation, what healthy boundaries are, how to establish them, signs of abuse, and four core components of a healthy relationship.

    Parents Matter Most provides parents with the tools and insight on HOW to have the sex talk with their child; as well as information on the most popular social sites and additional resources on how to best support their child in making healthy life choices.

    For more information on booking a Sexual Integrity Presentation for your location, or even how to get connected in becoming a Volunteer Speaker, please contact us at outreach@horizonpc.org or call (714) 897-7500.